If you love the Private Guitar/Lessons method then come along and book some sessions with us and see how are step by step process can make you accomplish the level of playing that you want Private Guitar/Lesson to put you on. By coming to Private Guitar/Lessons on a weekly basis you will find yourself agreeing with other students who attended Private Guitar/Lessons. We at Private Guitar/Lessons have taught in access of 1000 students who knew absolutely nothing before they came to us, & started staying focused with daily practice.

To get started: If you would like to book your first date at Private Guitar/Lessons the simple call mark on 07817 0018 or you can email Private Guitar/Lessons we teach a broad range of styles inclusive is acoustic, blues, folk jazz, rock & metal we also cover electric solos taught often at Private Guitar/Lessons. We have experimented with various teaching methods we are unique. Here is a list of Private Guitar/Lessons services.