There were many motivations in creating Private but the ability to create and interact with personally with potential students has become our prime focus which newcomers have expressed appreciation.

What Does Private Guitar/Lessons do for Students? 

Private Guitar/Lessons has a very effective teaching method which assures beginners or advanced players wanting to cover music theory or perhaps you want to master chord playing like the master of the book called chord chemistry written by Ted Greene, Private can see that you can learn all the concepts. We can show you how to solo over chord progressions as well as the harmony behind each chord you create. There is an art to being able to improvise many advanced players have great difficulty in this area of music something we can teach you at Private Guitar/Lessons community. Once you start a disciplined practice on daily basis things will up in way which will encourage you to practice.

If you would like to take advantage of Private Guitar/Lessons perhaps you would like to receive our free information pack or download our free 40 songs which are all totally original, this will give you an insight to our musical ability.