What is the best guitar to learn to play?

Guitar What is the best guitar for beginners? 🎸


    Types of guitar
    Other types of guitars and their names
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    Acoustic guitar brands
    Electric guitar brands
    What to consider when buying a used guitar?
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Often times, students who start out with beginner guitar/lessons or just playing the guitar feel increasingly unmotivated, simply because they bought the wrong guitar, bought it too quickly, or because of a crush.

Some, when they go to buy their first guitar, only look at electric guitars, since they are stylish and more attractive. Above all, it is often believed that it is easier to buy it before learning to play it, which is not completely false and you will understand why.
What should I take into account when buying a guitar?

The first guitar is an object that is given a lot of affection. Therefore, to choose it well, you have to take into account certain criteria when buying it, including the fact that you are a beginner guitarist.

It is clear that you will improve and progress over time and, at the same time, you will shape the type of sound you want to play. After a few guitar/lessons, you will want to play several different styles.

Therefore, consider purchasing different types of guitar – it is not uncommon to see a beginner with several guitars. So you can choose according to the style you like the most.

Remember that you are a beginner. Although it is interesting to start with an instrument that adapts to your wishes and your musical tastes to keep your morale high during this period, which is not always the case, the type of sound that the guitar produces should not worry you. Keep in mind that you have just started learning and it is not clear that you will continue, so it is not advisable to spend a lot of money on the first guitar.

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Types of guitar

Before you start comparing prices, models and brands of guitars, it is important to do a little research to find out more in detail what you are going to buy and how useful it will really be.

You should know that there are dozens of options to start playing guitar and choosing the right one can be the difference between encouraging yourself to continue playing every day or becoming a forgotten instrument that will only be filled with dust.

The guitar is an instrument of the string family, something quite obvious but, have you ever wondered how the sound is produced? Basically the sound of a guitar is produced thanks to the vibrations of each string, depending on the length and gauge of each one, a different note will be produced.

But not only the strings determine the sound of a guitar, the wood from which it is made, the size of the resonator, the size of the guitar’s neck and even the type of varnish influence the sound that the instrument produces.

To decide which guitar to choose, you must know the kind of music you would like to play, as each guitar model works better in particular styles, for example: a Stratocaster electric guitar can be very effective if you want to play funk or blues. However, if you want to play classical pieces you may need a classical concert guitar.

But we go by parts, the best thing is to know a little about the different types of guitars.
guitars for beginners
Choosing your first guitar is a crucial decision.

    Classic guitar

It is the common choice of beginning guitarists or parents, perfect for bossa-nova, classical music or flamenco, but not ideal for getting started on the guitar. If you want to take a flamenco guitar course, take a look at our platform!

The classical guitar, as its name suggests, is designed to play classical pieces.

However, it can also be used in other musical styles such as bossa-nova, jazz or flamenco, but it will be less present in styles such as rock, pop, pop rock or funk.

It is made up of a wider neck than the others, with nylon strings. It’s true that nylon strings are more flexible than metal strings on acoustic guitars, but that doesn’t make them easier to play – quite the opposite!

Generally, beginner guitarists or parents tend to buy this style of guitar as the prices are more affordable. However, the width of the neck and the greater spacing between the strings can hurt your fingers quite quickly.