Private is perhaps the best way to go and the best way to have the ultimate success as well as the quickest way not to develop any bad habits which may hinder ones playing ability in the future.

Have you ever gone Private, you can find out more about what going Private can do for you or if you just want to get started,  the tabs and amplifiers which contribute to Private teaching are listed in Private Guitar/Lessons directory.

Notorious well-known session players now well established worldwide tried Private custom made instruction to match their criteria as well as accommodate their future ambitions as a recording artist so the Private sector is most certainly the way to go if you are serious about progressing above all average teachers/players alike, the reason being is you will constantly be increasing your technique by-attending my Private master tuition.

The latest news on Private:

New FXS Spec update
Num 0.9 of the PrivateFXS has just been posted. Find it here

Private Publishing Music – Introduction

A brief introduction to the Private Publishing Music has been published on the Private Guitar/Lessons. UK web site. There is a PHP script that will allow you to do many interesting things musically related.

Why Learn Private
Students worldwide have been developing a passion for blues, rock, reggae and beginners to advanced players all agree that being taught Private has been proven to be the best way to advance quickly.

Blues Private  In G Minor
Marysia McGlashan has given her reasons why she wanted her classes Private to learn G Minor.

Special Music-Theory Presentation

Mark McGlashan gave an excellent talk on the Private scheme and Private Sound Technique. Here is an abstract.

Beyond Soling: Private students attending the school found rapid progress and were able to outshine their students who were attending group classes not just by a margin this proves individual personal tuition Private is a million light-years of those attending group teaching. One has to remember it does help put a dedicate tutor can do well if he or she is prepared to put the time in to practice. However, it does not mean that all who take this option will always be better Private. It really depends on the individual Private student and his or her ability to advance in his own time

Check it out!

Private Guitar/Lessons Bloggers
All level students recently attended my 2021 master improvisation plan Private school.

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