Welcome to the Rhythmology course: The ABC of rhythm guitar. In this course on rhythms for guitar you will learn step by step to understand and play any rhythm, no matter what level you have.

In addition, you will know what the bases of the accompaniment are to play your favorite songs and to make your guitar sound with more emotion and feeling.

This course consists of exclusive content to learn to play varied rhythms with scores and audios that you can download
Course content


    Introduction to rhythm guitar
    The beat and the importance of the metronome
    Right Hand Technique: Pick
    Right hand technique: fingers

Rhythmic fundamentals

    Round, white and black
    Eighth notes
    Mixing quarter notes and eighth notes
    Sixteenth note exercise
    The shuffle or swing
    Study routine: summary

Nuancing the rhythm

    Bass and Treble Differentiation: The Backbeat
    Thinking in sixteenth notes
    Knocks and clicks
    Left hand muted
    Palm mute
    The roll
    Accentuation is the key
    The dynamics

All this is what you will learn in the Rhythmology course:

Most of the people who begin to play rhythms, do not know that with a correct position of arms and hands the sound will improve enormously

Do you know that there are different techniques that you can use on the right hand? In this course we will see them all so that you get more rhythmic variety and not sound like a robot.

Master all the rhythmic figures and read whatever rhythm you set your mind to. Everything is detailed in this course

The nuances: a way to captivate the listener. If there is no variety, you will continue to sound the same. Don’t let this happen.

 You will know how to accompany practically any known popular rhythm: rumba, pop, rock, funk, reggae, country, ska, bossa nova, blues, jazz …

Your teacher

Mark Changingman

I’m Mark, a certified guitarist and musicologist. Currently I have a Guitar School in London and also online, where I teach everything that is learned in my face-to-face classes.

Frequent questions

What level of Guitar do I need for the course?
This course is for beginners starting from scratch and for those who know a few chords and don’t know how to play rhythms
Is there a time limit to take the rhythm guitar course?
There is not limit. You can do it whenever you want and at your own pace. It is also a one-time payment.
When does this course begin and end?
This course starts now and never ends! It is a course for you to go at your own pace. You decide when to start it and when to finish it.
How long can I access the course?
You have unlimited access to the rhythmic guitar course. 24 hours a day and throughout the year. And you can access it from different devices.
What if I am not happy with the course?
We do not want a dissatisfied student. You can try it for 1 week and if you don’t like it we will refund you without asking.
Is any guitar good for this course?
Yes, the rhythms that you are going to learn in this course will serve you for many styles that are played with the acoustic, Spanish and electric guitar.
How do I access the materials?
As you make the payment you will access a page where you will create your username and password and you will be inside. It’s that easy and fast.
Can I make inquiries by email if I have questions?
Of course, we are here to help you in everything you need.

Is this Rhythmology course for you?

If you don’t know how to play rhythms and you want a step-by-step guide that will teach you everything you need to play varied rhythms

If you know how to play rhythms but feel like you are stuck with the same boring rhythms as always

If you have seen too much information on the Internet and want a clear guide

If your time is valuable and you cannot attend face-to-face classes

If you are looking to know how to play rhythms to apply to your favorite songs safely

If you want a course that gives results

Do you still have any questions?

No problem, send me an email to [email protected] and I will answer you as soon as possible.
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Rhythmology the ABC of rhythm guitar

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Rhythmology the ABC of rhythm guitar