As our school name suggests, we specialize in rock music. Yes, you read that right – no matter if you are a beginner or advanced, from young to young at heart, our individually adapted program will take you to the next level.
What exactly can you expect in guitar academy?

In our trial lesson, which you can book quickly and easily via our online booking system, our coach first analyzes where you are at the moment in order to be able to individually design the individual lessons (60min) for you in order to make progress.

In the rock setting, important basics and the necessary knowledge are developed and taught not only through warm-up exercises but also in the song.

Learning to play the guitar in the School of Rock is for everyone who not only wants to play loudly but also wants to develop important skills while having fun. We attach great importance to:

    … tone formation
    … Different techniques for different rock music genres
    … dealing with effects devices
    … Cool performance and preparation for live performances
    … Songwriting

So that your learning success is guaranteed, you have the opportunity with us to immediately implement the skills you have learned together with other students in our School of Rock Band.
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Our coach
guitar teacher
Thomas Perry

Guitar coach / songwriting

The studio in my home is in a beautiful Mödling district. Here you can not only enjoy the fresh suburban air, but also record your teaching units. 

Just a 5-minute walk from the station, we offer you the best space to unfold in UK’s most beautiful and most modern rehearsal rooms.

Address: Mark-Changingman UK

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